A Family that Plays Apps Together – Stays Together

It’s funny how family bonding then and now has changed throughout the years. Back when I was a kid, family bonding would mean heading out of the country or visiting our parents’ hometown in the province. However, now bonding would be done in the comforts of the home with all the latest technological advancements such as a home cinema, tablets, desktop computers or iPads.

For one, these methods save parents a lot of money which they could have spent on travelling expenses. Gadgets partnered with applications create a world of endless possibilities. Along with these possibilities are activities that help tech-savvy families bond with each other.

In a national survey done last year by the Entertainment Software Association, a video game industry group, 35% of parents who play video games are most likely to have a better relationship with their kids by up to 80%. So if you’re one of those tech-savvy dads or moms who wish to get closer with their kids, gaming applications are your best bet. Plus they’re a cheaper option too as I have said above.

Though there are a lot of educational and gaming apps to choose from, here are just a few family friendly apps that will certainly help “bond” the family better. First off is Tumbles which is based on the highly popular Pop’em game that basically involves moving the iPad around to move balls around the screen. The best part about this game is that parents and their kids can have a head-to-head match.

Another app that would certainly be interesting for both parties would be Labyrinth 2 HD. With impressive graphics, compelling storylines and complicated puzzles, it’s a game that’s sure to be a win for dad and mom.

Last but not the least would be the educational app, Maddie & Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners and Values. Created by a team of Filipinos from two start-up development applications in the country, AppLabs Digital Studios and Kid Apps Inc, Maddie & Matt is the app that teaches all the basics of “Please”, “Thank You” and so much more. With 26 letters in the alphabet plus a whole range of features, this educational app is definitely one parents would approve of. The best part about this app – it’s free for download on the Apple App Market. And guess what, there are more additions to the Maddie & Matt series that are sure to be as fun and as educational as this.

So, dear mom and dad, gadgets and the apps installed in them aren’t necessarily a bad addiction. Sit down with the kids one time while they play on the iPad or tablet, you’ll might just be surprised how fun it could be to play and learn alongside them.


The Best Educational Applications for Kids

Let’s face it, kids nowadays are as tech savvy as any tenured office employee. You’ll have to admit that on your trips to the mall, you’ve seen kids aged 5 to 12 playing with a PSP, an iPad or a tablet. Times like these make me wonder if kids are growing too fast or if I’m just getting too old. Well, whatever. With the rise of technological advancements and gadgets, kids rarely get out of the house or let go of these devices. So here are a list of educational applications that are best suited for kids with the iconic Apple iPad.

Having grown up with Disney, “Toy Story” would be the ultimate classic animated film. Thanks to the brilliant minds behind the film, there is an application available on the iPad for free. Apart from teaching kids the catchy tune of “You’ve got a friend in Me”, the “Toy Story” app offers fun an interactive storybook activities sure to keep preschool to grad 1 kids entertained.

When it comes to math, sometimes it isn’t all fun and games. However, for kids having a hard time with math and numbers (like yours truly), I’d suggest the Jungle Coins app available for $0.99 on the iPad. This application basically teaches kids in kindergarten to grade 4 all there is to currency through finding coins, comparing coins, counting money and counting the correct change. The downside for this app would probably be that it only comes in the Canadian currency.

Next category would be Science and the best applications under this would be the 8 Planets and Leafsnap app. The 8 Planets app basically teaches kids in preschool to grade 1 all there is to planets while the Leafsnap app teaches kids of all ages all there is to know about plants simply by taking a picture of leaves.

For budding artists in kids, Draw Something may be the best app so far but a “little” version called Doodle Buddy would be another incredible app. It comes with a variety of tools such as chalk, stencils, stamps, paint and photographs enough to keep your future Picasso busy.

Last but not the least is a recent app launched May 21 created solely by Filipinos. Maddie & Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners and Values created by AppLabs Digital Studios and Kid Apps Inc is the perfect companion of kids with the iPad at hand. This app not only has fun and interactive games enough to keep them busy but teaches them all the basics of “please, thank you” and more. The best part, it’s free and there are a few more additions in the works.

Got a kid or a pesky little one in the family? Then these apps are your best bet to keep them busy plus the Maddie & Matt app is enough to teach them all they need to know.

AppLabs Digital Studios Inc & Kid Apps Inc Welcomes Aboard 80 New Trainees

Manila, Philippines – Unemployment is not an issue in the Philippines especially with the continuous advancement of technology nowadays. In fact, two start-up application development companies established in Eastwood City, Libis has welcomed over 80 new trainees.

AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. and Kid Apps Inc. is helping out with employment issues in the Philippines. Last June 3, 2012, AppLabs welcomed aboard 80 new trainees to be distributed to various departments of the company namely: Product development, Business Development, R&D, Creative Artists, Bloggers and Social Media Marketing, Telemarketing and Sales and the Shared Services Department.

The welcoming party was held on June 1, 2012 at AppLabs Digital Studios’ Entertainment Division, 30th floor of IBM Building. Drinks, snacks and feel-good music were provided for the new hired trainees. Members of the managing department along with successful employees of the company took time to speak up during the event.

A photo booth with the AppLabs tarpaulin was provided at the entrance where new trainees were required to be photographed at. Filled with dancing and a range of games set up by Leah Forbes and Alyssa Felix, the welcoming party was equally successful as the launch of AppLabs first ever app, Maddie & Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners and Values.

With a few more additions in the works for the existing Maddie & Matt application and numerous partnerships underway, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc & Kid Apps Inc are ready to welcome even more trainees this year.

About the Company:
AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. aims to be “THE” premiere applications development company on the planet by creating unique and value-rich mobile and web applications aimed to educated, entertain and inform people of all ages. The company is currently based in the Philippines with plans to further establish offices in Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Burma, United States and Hong Kong.

On the other hand, Kid Apps Inc. is a Hong Kong based company whose primary goal is to empower kids of every nation through technology and education. The company is currently working on fun and educational additions to the existing Maddie and Matt’s series.