AppLabs Digital Studios Inc & Kid Apps Inc Welcomes Aboard 80 New Trainees

Manila, Philippines – Unemployment is not an issue in the Philippines especially with the continuous advancement of technology nowadays. In fact, two start-up application development companies established in Eastwood City, Libis has welcomed over 80 new trainees.

AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. and Kid Apps Inc. is helping out with employment issues in the Philippines. Last June 3, 2012, AppLabs welcomed aboard 80 new trainees to be distributed to various departments of the company namely: Product development, Business Development, R&D, Creative Artists, Bloggers and Social Media Marketing, Telemarketing and Sales and the Shared Services Department.

The welcoming party was held on June 1, 2012 at AppLabs Digital Studios’ Entertainment Division, 30th floor of IBM Building. Drinks, snacks and feel-good music were provided for the new hired trainees. Members of the managing department along with successful employees of the company took time to speak up during the event.

A photo booth with the AppLabs tarpaulin was provided at the entrance where new trainees were required to be photographed at. Filled with dancing and a range of games set up by Leah Forbes and Alyssa Felix, the welcoming party was equally successful as the launch of AppLabs first ever app, Maddie & Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners and Values.

With a few more additions in the works for the existing Maddie & Matt application and numerous partnerships underway, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc & Kid Apps Inc are ready to welcome even more trainees this year.

About the Company:
AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. aims to be “THE” premiere applications development company on the planet by creating unique and value-rich mobile and web applications aimed to educated, entertain and inform people of all ages. The company is currently based in the Philippines with plans to further establish offices in Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Burma, United States and Hong Kong.

On the other hand, Kid Apps Inc. is a Hong Kong based company whose primary goal is to empower kids of every nation through technology and education. The company is currently working on fun and educational additions to the existing Maddie and Matt’s series.



  1. milkybunnie · June 28, 2012

    Hi! just wondering why is there a photo of a guy and a girl kissing?

  2. daintydreamer · June 28, 2012

    Your photos caught my attention! Haha. But then, I love the flow of your blog post. 🙂

  3. bloggerizta · June 28, 2012

    Nice article. It’s good that you were able to post a lot of pictures to present your ideas. Be careful, however, with the structure of your sentences. You have to be mindful of the rules in subject-verb agreement. 🙂

  4. Commoner · June 28, 2012

    The comment I sent earlier contained grammatical errors caused by too much editing. Sorry for that. 🙂 Please do publish this one instead. Thank you!

    I liked how detailed your post is. You also have attention-grabbing photos, by the way!

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