Now this guy made a whole lot of fucking sense.

Potted Potter Returns: A Review by a Potterhead

I’m a Potterhead at heart given I grew up with J.K. Rowling’s seven books and with the films as well. Of course, I took this opportunity to hit up the so-called craziest show by two British men who are equally as addicted to Potter like me.

Potted Potter, a show by Garry and Jessie which promises all seven books in 70 minutes. Unbelievable at first but heck why not try it for the sake of the Potter blood running inĀ  you? I sure did, along with another Potterhead and friend, Chay.


So we blew three thousand bucks on the play but IT WAS WORTH EVERY FREAKING BLOODY PENNY. My cheeks hurt from laughing too much and i literally couldn’t breathe at some parts of the show. I had to slide down my chair to stop looking at Jessie and laugh at his crazy antics.

Unlike some other shows, this one had the interaction with the audience. If yer thinking you could play Quidditch only in England, well, we (the audience) had one hell of a game. It was Slytherins VS Gryffindors that time and well of course, following the book, Slytherins lost. (Boo)


Anyways, to top it all off – because I might end up ranting various lines in this review from the show – DON’T AW HIM, Potter Potter Returns was awesome! Think of what could happen if Darren Criss joined Garry and Jessie on stage.