15 Signs You’re Growing Up

hahahaha. god i am old.

Thought Catalog

1. The later you wake up on Christmas morning, the more you’re a grown up. Did you get a full night of rest on Christmas Eve? If so, that indicates that you don’t particularly care. The laying in bed, anticipating, wide-awake with excitement days are over — and it’s become more of a relaxing time away from work. In our defense, we no longer get awesome gifts like Power Rangers action figures, or big Barbie sets. It’s easy to wake up for that. But bed sheets, towels, candles and various items from Target’s décor section? Meh — not so much.

2. When ex-schoolmates around your age are having babies — intentionally. I’m talking fully planned, financially prepared for, deliberately unprotected sex, purposeful baby making. From the age of 16-21ish, the majority of the babies born by our peers were unplanned. Now many of us are wondering what the hell is wrong…

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