D.I.Y. Instax Album

Ever since my boyfriend gave me the Instax mini 7 last Christmas, I’ve been trigger happy taking photos here and there. Instant cameras are love. Given the photos are too cute to be placed in a box hidden away, i spent my day off (Anzac day in Australia meaning no work hihi) creating an album for my Instax photos.

I know a loooot of friends who have got an instax mini as well so i do hope this d.i.y. Post would inspire you to make your own albums.

First off, you’d be needing the following materials:

Paper (i used my papemelroti stock for this project)
Illustration board
Paper end screws (i have no idea what they’re actually called haha)
Instax photos

The size of your album would of course depend on your instax photo sizes.

Measure the board for the cover and backing for your album. Do the same for the inside pages. Remember to leave space for the paper fold and area around the photo. Cut the excess parts.

Punch holes through the cover and pages. Before binding, design your cover, here i utilized pages from old notebooks, black paper scraps and an old gift wrapper.

As for the pages, take two instax photos and line them up side by side with a space in between. Mark the sides of the photos.

Taking cue from vintage albums, use paper corners in keeping the photos in place. Create these paper corners simply by folding a strip of paper into a triangle, cut excess and paste on marked areas on the paper. Wait to dry.


Next is stack pages and cover then bind using the paper screws.

Place in the photos and there you have it, your own instax album. 🙂



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  1. odinsky · April 28, 2013

    LIKE! :3

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