6 Simple Ways To Improve Relationships

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1. Fight In A Timely Fashion

All arguments should begin before 10 P.M. ET so that they are fully resolved before 2 A.M. at the latest. Nobody likes to go to bed angry with their lover, but we also don’t enjoy conflict resolution at five in the morning. Some people need a full eight-hour beauty rest, and bickering on the phone ‘til sunrise does a number on our chances of reaching REM cycle.

2. Fight In The Appropriate Environment

The right environment can be anywhere on the planet as long as nobody else is within audible range. At the party in front of everyone, or in the restaurant making that poor waitress feel super uncomfortable – that needs to not happen. It’s only awesome to watch a dysfunctional couple in action, not to be a contributing member of such dramatics.

3. Don’t Openly Share The Bad

If your friends, parents…

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An Artsy Fartsy Project: The Old White T-Shirt

It’s been a while since I’ve personalized old shirts of mine. Given clothes get a bit too expensive these days, checking out old clothes in your wardrobe and giving them a fresh new look can definitely save you a lot of money which is exactly what I did just yesterday. For this D.I.Y. project, I tried out the trick of tie-dying old shirts of mine.

So, you’ll need the following:

  1. Old white shirts
  2. Scissors
  3. Dyes
  4. Basin
  5. Thick yarn or nylon ties
  6. Hot Water
  7. Clothes Iron

First off, decide if you want to customize your old shirt by making it into a muscle tee or tank top. I, on the other hand, opted for the tank top look. Check out the video below by YouTube user, LeSassafras, on how to turn old shirts into tank tops.

Next, in a basin, dissolve your colour dye of choice in a basin filled with just the right amount of hot water for one shirt. In my case, I had three shirts and three colour dyes namely blue, purple and pink.

ImageBefore placing in the shirts into the basin, tie parts of your shirt with the use of thick yarn or nylon ties. Given it was my first try on tie-dying, I just knotted one area to the next. Check out the video below by YouTube user, akaydoll, on how to tie-dye shirts to create different patterns.

Next step is to dip the shirts into the solution making sure all parts of the shirt are soaked. Leave it for at least 20 minutes.

ImageWash the shirt and hang it to dry in an area not exposed to the sun. *Note: sunlight can cause dyed colours to fade easily.

ImageOnce the shirt is damp, iron them to make the dye dry faster on the shirt.Hang them up once more to dry. As easy as that, you’ve got new colourful shirts for your wardrobe.

ImageHere’s an old photo of me with my white shirt besides a latest pic of me wearing my customized shirt.

ImageWho knew tie-dying would be so much fun? Ah, but note to self, wear a pair of gloves next time.