An Artsy Fartsy Project: The Old White T-Shirt

It’s been a while since I’ve personalized old shirts of mine. Given clothes get a bit too expensive these days, checking out old clothes in your wardrobe and giving them a fresh new look can definitely save you a lot of money which is exactly what I did just yesterday. For this D.I.Y. project, I tried out the trick of tie-dying old shirts of mine.

So, you’ll need the following:

  1. Old white shirts
  2. Scissors
  3. Dyes
  4. Basin
  5. Thick yarn or nylon ties
  6. Hot Water
  7. Clothes Iron

First off, decide if you want to customize your old shirt by making it into a muscle tee or tank top. I, on the other hand, opted for the tank top look. Check out the video below by YouTube user, LeSassafras, on how to turn old shirts into tank tops.

Next, in a basin, dissolve your colour dye of choice in a basin filled with just the right amount of hot water for one shirt. In my case, I had three shirts and three colour dyes namely blue, purple and pink.

ImageBefore placing in the shirts into the basin, tie parts of your shirt with the use of thick yarn or nylon ties. Given it was my first try on tie-dying, I just knotted one area to the next. Check out the video below by YouTube user, akaydoll, on how to tie-dye shirts to create different patterns.

Next step is to dip the shirts into the solution making sure all parts of the shirt are soaked. Leave it for at least 20 minutes.

ImageWash the shirt and hang it to dry in an area not exposed to the sun. *Note: sunlight can cause dyed colours to fade easily.

ImageOnce the shirt is damp, iron them to make the dye dry faster on the shirt.Hang them up once more to dry. As easy as that, you’ve got new colourful shirts for your wardrobe.

ImageHere’s an old photo of me with my white shirt besides a latest pic of me wearing my customized shirt.

ImageWho knew tie-dying would be so much fun? Ah, but note to self, wear a pair of gloves next time.


D.I.Y. Instax Album

Ever since my boyfriend gave me the Instax mini 7 last Christmas, I’ve been trigger happy taking photos here and there. Instant cameras are love. Given the photos are too cute to be placed in a box hidden away, i spent my day off (Anzac day in Australia meaning no work hihi) creating an album for my Instax photos.

I know a loooot of friends who have got an instax mini as well so i do hope this d.i.y. Post would inspire you to make your own albums.

First off, you’d be needing the following materials:

Paper (i used my papemelroti stock for this project)
Illustration board
Paper end screws (i have no idea what they’re actually called haha)
Instax photos

The size of your album would of course depend on your instax photo sizes.

Measure the board for the cover and backing for your album. Do the same for the inside pages. Remember to leave space for the paper fold and area around the photo. Cut the excess parts.

Punch holes through the cover and pages. Before binding, design your cover, here i utilized pages from old notebooks, black paper scraps and an old gift wrapper.

As for the pages, take two instax photos and line them up side by side with a space in between. Mark the sides of the photos.

Taking cue from vintage albums, use paper corners in keeping the photos in place. Create these paper corners simply by folding a strip of paper into a triangle, cut excess and paste on marked areas on the paper. Wait to dry.


Next is stack pages and cover then bind using the paper screws.

Place in the photos and there you have it, your own instax album. 🙂



Potted Potter Returns: A Review by a Potterhead

I’m a Potterhead at heart given I grew up with J.K. Rowling’s seven books and with the films as well. Of course, I took this opportunity to hit up the so-called craziest show by two British men who are equally as addicted to Potter like me.

Potted Potter, a show by Garry and Jessie which promises all seven books in 70 minutes. Unbelievable at first but heck why not try it for the sake of the Potter blood running in  you? I sure did, along with another Potterhead and friend, Chay.


So we blew three thousand bucks on the play but IT WAS WORTH EVERY FREAKING BLOODY PENNY. My cheeks hurt from laughing too much and i literally couldn’t breathe at some parts of the show. I had to slide down my chair to stop looking at Jessie and laugh at his crazy antics.

Unlike some other shows, this one had the interaction with the audience. If yer thinking you could play Quidditch only in England, well, we (the audience) had one hell of a game. It was Slytherins VS Gryffindors that time and well of course, following the book, Slytherins lost. (Boo)


Anyways, to top it all off – because I might end up ranting various lines in this review from the show – DON’T AW HIM, Potter Potter Returns was awesome! Think of what could happen if Darren Criss joined Garry and Jessie on stage.

OMG OMG OMG my creysss

TMI Source

As a reward for Clary winning the ‘Tournament of Heroines’ title, Cassandra Clare promised fans the greenhouse scene from City of Bones in Jace’s POV.

After teasing the scene late Saturday night, Clare shared the scene in its entirety on Sunday.

Jace’s point of view of his first kiss with Clary

I kissed your lips and broke your heart

The Institute’s bell begins to toll, the deep loud heartbeat of the apex of the night.

Jace sets his knife down. It’s a neat little pocketknife, bone-handled, that Alec gave him when they became parabatai. He’s used it constantly and the grip is worn smooth from the pressure of his fingers.

“Midnight,” he says. He can feel Clary beside him, sitting back amongst the remains of their picnic, her breathing soft in the cool, leaf-smelling air of the greenhouse. He doesn’t look at her, but straight ahead, at the shining…

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The Dance

“Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It’s the rhythm of your life. It’s the expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.” ~Jaques D’ambroise

Dancing has long been known as the synchronized movement of the mind and body. It’s the rhythmic swaying of the body to the hypnotic beat and ballad. Dancing has long been known as the form of art performed in various cultures as a form of social interaction, exercise or emotion in the performance and spiritual setting. Even Hollywood films and reality television series have depicted dancing as an exquisite form of art.

Street Dancing as portrayed in the Hollywood Film, Step Up 2

Nowadays, dancing has gone from the studio to the streets and from private settings to public gatherings. One of the oldest and most popular types that is quickly gaining an international audience is Exotic Dancing.

Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing sexy women dressed in sultry outfits dancing oh-so sexily? Not only is exotic or sexy dancing considered an artistic form of entertainment but believe it or not, it has been known to represent sexuality, fertility and femininity.

Now if you’re part of the population that enjoys watching hot women dance sultrily on the dance floor or you are one of those extremely talented women gifted with the dance moves, then AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. in the Philippines has something set for you!

Sexy Dance Competition of 2012, promoted by AppLabs Digital Studios, aims to find only the best and the sexiest dancer in the Philippines. Do you think you have what it takes to win? If you’re an extremely talented individual with looks and the body to kill, then show us what you’ve got.

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